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The kids had to do an evaluation of our trip with pros/things to change. They say keep G! you were a vorite part of the trip for many Thanks again! Gina

Explore the Windy City with The Chicago Tour Company. Whether you are looking for a full, customdesigned itinerary, or need a local Chicago guide to show you around, The Chicago Tour Company is here for you!

Gilbert is the tour guru of The Chicago Tour Company. He can turn any idea or theme into an extraordinary tour experience.

Choose from a variety of different themed tours whether you want a general overview of Chicago, or something more focused like a chocolate tour, church tour, cultural neighborhood tour, foodie tour and many others. Contact us and lets create the perfect itinerary for your group!

Ive been working through Gilbert planning tours for almost a decade. His knowledge of Chicago, prompt responses, and reliability make him the obvious choice. Gilberts quick wit and fun personality also make him my groups first choice of guides each year. Kate

Your group is in good hands with The Chicago Tour Company. We want to be your goto company in Chicago!The Chicago Tour Compachicago city tourny


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