CAF launches limited edition bus tour sechicago city tourries

CAF launches limited edition bus tour sechicago city tourriesArchitectural innovations like the steelframe skyscraper have reshaped the built worlds look and function

Today, women architects are reshaping Chicagos skyline. View buildings and landscape projects designed by women from the comfort of a bus.

Revolutionary for its time, Marina City dared to be different. Looking at this engineering marvel from any angle affords stunning views of its various geometric shapes playing off one another.

Simple and elegant, W. Wacker is always the same building, but its suce changes as the sun and clouds shift and morph throughout the day.

From March through November, join CAF on nine special bus tours through Chicagos neighborhoods, with rotating topics like Fort Sheridan, murals, schools and bungalows.

The Chicago Architecture Foundation inspires people to discover why design matters.

Explore Chicagos remarkable buildings.Our Building Directory

Were up to a lot around here, and wed like to start sharing the personal side of CAF.

An architecture center may be a new concept in Chicago, but it isnt in other parts of the world. Take a look at other centers that are inspiring our new home.

Gliding past North Riverside on the Chicago Architecture Foundations River Cruise aboard Chicagos First Lady, the building almost seems to reach out and embrace you. Guests can see themselves and the boat reflected back off the slope of this…


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