Chicago activists demand Rahm Emanuel resign ahead of antiviolenchicagoce rally

Chicago activists demand Rahm Emanuel resign ahead of antiviolenchicagoce rallyWhile Emanuel is in the crosshairs of this weeks protest, he had offered support to the protest earlier this month even scolding Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner after he called on Emanuel to put an end to this kind of chaos.


The protest will head from Lake Shore Drive toward Wrigley Field.

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Chicago activists are demanding that Mayor Rahm Emanuel resign as they prepare for a major antiviolence protest against the citys spiraling crime crisis.

It was a peaceful protest. Delete your account.

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NBC Chicagoreported that the protesters said they are looking to redistribute the pain and agony of no economic development on the South and West Sides to the North side.

The call of the people is Resign Rahm, Dr. Gregory Livingston said, according toThe Chicago Tribune. So how, then, can you back your own regime change? How do you sanction your own termination? How dumb, and selfhating do you think we are?

Organizers of the march reportedly are gearing up for a potentially chaotic demonstration on Thursday, timed with the start of Lollapalooza and before a Cubs game. Organizers did not rule out trying to enter Wrigley Field and predicted at least some protesters would be arrested.

It was a peaceful protest. Delete your account, Emanuel responded.

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The march comes after thousands of protesters shut down traffic on Interstate earlier this month to draw attention to gun violence. Chicago police said the city had homicides and , shootings in the first six months of , a decrease from last year but the crimes have been concentrated in predominantly black, lowincome neighborhoods.

Meanwhile, they are clear they dont want the Democratic mayors support or blessing as they are calling on him to resign over of his inability to get the citys gun crime under control.

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Honestly, when the mayor endorses a protest, its no longer a protest, Rev. Ira Acree said. It becomes a parade, and were on serious business.


We have people who are committed, who are ready to get arrested, Acree said, according to the Tribune. And those who dont, theyll stay back. But certainly, people are going to get arrested.


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