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Thursday, August 2nd, 2018

SchicagoTAY INFORMED!Saxophones, Flute, ClarinetWalfredo Reyes, Jr.

Chicago is an American rock band formed in in Chicago, Illinois. They have recorded albums and sold over ,, records.

Official Installation Ceremony held May th, The Orpheum Theatre Group is excited to announce a new addition to the legendary Orpheum sidewalk of stars. Rock Roll Hall of Famers Chicago will receive their star ahead of their sold

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Chicago with Max Schachter front and Neil Jacobsen of Live Nation Florida front right On July th we were honored and quite overwhelmed to meet the survivors and milies of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school shootings in Parkland Florida.

SIX DECADES OF PREVIOUSLYUNRELEASED CHICAGO LIVE RECORDINGS! CDs DVD Includes • Chicagos Amazing Headlining Show From The Isle of Wight • Additional Unreleased Live Performances From To • A Complete German TV

Trombone, Horn Arranger, ComposerKeith Howland

Chicago went home to its namesake city last year to record a live version of the bands multiplatinum second album, Chicago II. Recorded at the historic WTTWTV studios, the performance features every song from that classic album, including several that

Chicago activists demand Rahm Emanuel resign ahead of antiviolenchicagoce rally

Tuesday, July 31st, 2018

Chicago activists demand Rahm Emanuel resign ahead of antiviolenchicagoce rallyWhile Emanuel is in the crosshairs of this weeks protest, he had offered support to the protest earlier this month even scolding Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner after he called on Emanuel to put an end to this kind of chaos.


The protest will head from Lake Shore Drive toward Wrigley Field.

Adam Shaw is a reporter covering U.S. and European politics for Fox News.. He can be reachedhere

Chicago activists are demanding that Mayor Rahm Emanuel resign as they prepare for a major antiviolence protest against the citys spiraling crime crisis.

It was a peaceful protest. Delete your account.

Muellers team slams Manaforts lavish life in trials opening statements, as defense says wealth is no crime

Fox News political analyst Gianno Caldwell and Rochelle Ritchie discuss the proposal on Fox Friends First.

NBC Chicagoreported that the protesters said they are looking to redistribute the pain and agony of no economic development on the South and West Sides to the North side.

The call of the people is Resign Rahm, Dr. Gregory Livingston said, according toThe Chicago Tribune. So how, then, can you back your own regime change? How do you sanction your own termination? How dumb, and selfhating do you think we are?

Organizers of the march reportedly are gearing up for a potentially chaotic demonstration on Thursday, timed with the start of Lollapalooza and before a Cubs game. Organizers did not rule out trying to enter Wrigley Field and predicted at least some protesters would be arrested.

It was a peaceful protest. Delete your account, Emanuel responded.

Dems lash out at Trump over D gun decision, call settlement a death warrant

Oregon candidate slammed for vulgar tweet on Melania Trump

The march comes after thousands of protesters shut down traffic on Interstate earlier this month to draw attention to gun violence. Chicago police said the city had homicides and , shootings in the first six months of , a decrease from last year but the crimes have been concentrated in predominantly black, lowincome neighborhoods.

Meanwhile, they are clear they dont want the Democratic mayors support or blessing as they are calling on him to resign over of his inability to get the citys gun crime under control.

Painting of Trump team Crossing the Swamp touches off social media frenzy

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Honestly, when the mayor endorses a protest, its no longer a protest, Rev. Ira Acree said. It becomes a parade, and were on serious business.


We have people who are committed, who are ready to get arrested, Acree said, according to the Tribune. And those who dont, theyll stay back. But certainly, people are going to get arrested.

House ochicagof Blues Chicago

Tuesday, July 31st, 2018

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chicagoChicago airlines nearing billion deal to dramatically expand OHare Chicago Tribune

Wednesday, March 7th, 2018

chicagoChicago airlines nearing billion deal to dramatically expand OHare Chicago TribuneWhile the new concourses will march westward from the existing Terminal , Daleys OHare Modernization Plan called for the construction of a western terminal on the airfields r edge. That required Daley to acquire hundreds of acres of land from suburban Elk Grove Village and Bensenville.

The nonhub airlines get their own space in Terminal , their own entrance, their own hotel, more club room, more paid space, they will be closer to the city. They love that, said a source miliar with the negotiations who was not authorized to speak about them publicly. And American and United essentially get a better internationally connecting complex, because to send passengers over to or from Terminal is a pain in the ass. Nobody likes that.

Under the new lease the city is negotiating, the airlines unilateral veto power over projects will disappear, Evans said. So, too, will United and Americans right to socalled exclusiveuse gates, which stay in their possession no matter how much theyre using them.

United will add one gate to an existing concourse later this year. American will open five more gates on Terminal s L concourse. A million Terminal extension is underway, withnine new gatesplanned in addition to the current .

The eightyear plan would be the single largest and most expensive terminal revamp in OHares year history. The goal is to vault the airline hub long known for its gridlock and delays into the st century by growing its sluggish number of international flights and creating more room for its domestic carriers.

Under the potential deal with the airlines, one of the major steps would be to build an expensive pedestrian tunnel westward from whats now Terminal . Evans declined to offer a cost estimate for that work.

All told, more than . million square feet of terminal space would be added a percent increase over the current . million square feet.

In addition to the two new satellite concourses and global terminal, the expansion would include a new western parking and security screening cility for airline employees, a Terminal parking garage and three new baggage systems considered key to the airlines support of the expansive project.

This is a very, very big deal and it is a good big deal, not a bad big deal, Harteveldt said. This assures Chicago will remain a premier hub in the U.S. This protects that position, and its not just about it being a point of pride for Chicago it really needed to be done.

When you look at the international numbers, you say, Wait a minute. We have half the international passengers that Miami and LAX do? We have a third the number of JFK? Evans said of New Yorks largest airport. We have more industry, more global trade, more imports from China than LA and Miami, why should Chicago be half? Were at or million international passengers and theyre at or million. Really? Come on.

That old runway blocked off acres of valuable real estate that we couldnt use, Evans said, pointing to one of several maps spread out on a conference room le in her th floor Loop office. Now, when we get rid of it, we have something that no other airport in North America has more than acres of developable land.

A new western terminal, paired with new western highway access to OHare, would generate economic development opportunities for the nearby suburbs, the city argued at that time. The highway portion is still being built, but the lack of a new western terminal means suburban officials arent likely to see the of economic development they hoped for, at least for now.

Im sure United and American are going to try to make a land grab and gobble up as many gates as they can possibly get, Harteveldt said. Its really going to be up to the Chicago Department of Aviation to be the advocate for the nonhub airline, both U.S. and foreign flag, to ensure those carriers have adequate access and adequate number of gates. Its in the airports best interest to limit United and American.

For more than a year, Evans and her team have been at the negotiating le trying to strike a deal that finally would substantially boost OHares gates. Evans and Emanuels office declined to discuss specifics of the talks, including how much the airlines are willing to pay for the improvements. But a memo from airline negotiators to city officials obtained by the Tribune through an open records request shows that airline executives have signed off on a price tag between billion and billion.

We look forward to continuing to work collaboratively in order to finalize an agreement that will mean continued investment at OHare and a worldclass airport for the traveling public and people of Chicago, United spokesman Charlie Hobart said.

TheFederal Aviation Administrationnow prohibits such arrangements in new leases at airports that receive federal funding, noting that the practice locked up gates and allowed airlines to restrict competition and access to a market by other carriers. Under the new OHare lease, which is expected to span years, the city will annually evaluate how often airlines are using gates and reallocate them based on use, Evans said.

There comes a time where you just cant live in your grandmothers terminal anymore, and truthfully, were living in our grandmothers terminal, Evans said. You snooze, you lose in this business. Our competitors are out there investing, adding capacity, and we have got to do the same.

Plus, its a big win for the airlines, which save money with ster connection times and can offer a more seamless travel experience for customers, Evans said. City Hall predicts the moves should drive a steady increase in the citys total number of passengers, from million in to around million by .

While OHare consistently is listed as one of the worlds bestconnected and busiest airports, Evans said those rankings lean heavily on Chicagos large number of regional jets and have provided the city with a lse sense of security. She said Chicagos ilure to add gates at OHare during the last quarter century has left it vulnerable to competition, noting thatLos Angeles International Airportpassed OHare last year in the number of passengers, moving into the No. spot behind HartsfieldJackson Atlanta International Airport.

The city spent about . billion including . billion from the federal government to seize the land and build three new parallel eastwest runways and extend a fourth existing one, bringing the number of eastwest runways to five. The last of those runways was only built after thenPresident Barack Obamas administration ponied up an extra million and, along with City Hall, convinced United and American to drop a lawsuit that sought to block Daley from borrowing for further construction.

In the airline industry, having domestic and international airlines in the same terminal is known as a global alliance hub, Evans said, pointing to LondonsHeathrow Airportand Tokyos Narita International Airport as the standard. OHare would become the first such global alliance hub in the U.S., Evans said.

Emanuel declined an interview for this story. Privately, however, he has told business leaders and confidants that the OHare overhaul would be a game changer for Chicago, a move he has predicted could become one of his top achievements as mayor.

The Shape of Water triumphs at an Oscars full of change

My ultimate goal is to get the airlines to rethink Chicago in their system, rethink how they use OHare. Quite frankly, were after that international service. Thats what we need and thats what we deserve, Evans said. And if we make it really customer friendly, the airlines can sell the heck out of it.

Representatives for United and American declined to comment Sunday on the projects price, scope or details, citing ongoing negotiations between the carriers and the city.

If Emanuels administration and the airlines ink a deal, the massive expansion will change the look, feel and operations at OHare.

If the airlines sign off, the deal would represent a landmark breakthrough at OHare, where American and United long have held great control over the airports operations, often refusing to go along with muchhyped plans for additional gates, concourses or a new terminal. The two industry giants viewed those projects as the city charging them to pay for changes that largely would benefit their smaller competitors.

While United and American have declined to discuss the projects cost, the two airlines sent an August memo to Evans indicating they backed the city spending up to billion on the OHare overhaul. The Tribune obtained the memo through aFreedom of Information Actrequest.

The biggest operational change OHare no longer will have just a single international terminal.

Over the last two decades, OHare has not made any major upgrades to its international terminal while airports in New York, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas and Atlanta spent a combined billion on international terminals, according to Aviation Department figures. In the case to the airlines for expansion, Evans pointed to Chicagos international passenger numbers remaining virtually flat over those years while business at five of those other airports grew by to percent each year.

Emanuel secured million from the Obama administration for the runway, which Evans said was a critical step toward the multibilliondollar OHare expansion now being finalized. The sixth eastwest runway allows OHare to shut down a second diagonal runway on the airfields west end, clearing room for construction of the larger global terminal and two satellite concourses, Evans said.

I study liars. Ive never seen one like Donald Trump.

In January , Emanuelrebooted the airport expansion planswith a program he dubbed OHare . His first announcement was a . billion deal to build OHares sixth and final eastwest runway, deicing pads to allow planes to take off more quickly and new taxiways to speed up the pace of planes going to and from rflung gates. The new runway is expected to open in while the deicing pads will go into operation this year, city officials said.

A United representative would not comment on specifics of the project or the negotiations, but expressed optimism of reaching a final deal with the city.

One airline wont want money they pay to fix something that helps another airline. Even though its childish, they play games, another city official miliar with the airports operations said of the two hub airlines. That has really caused OHare to be underinvested in over the course of decades.

Evans said the airlines have agreed in principle to the new hotels, but plans wont be finalized until later this year when more cost estimates are completed.

A major capital program is needed to maintain and refresh existing cilities and support growth atORD, wrote Michael Minerva, Americans vice president of government and airport afirs. The hub airlines proposal is in line with the citys stated investment target of billion.

Meanwhile, the Global Terminal would be home to the two hub airlines and their international partners. For United, that means being located side by side with its Star Alliance partners, including Lufthansa and All Nippon Airlines. For American, that means easy connections with One World partners British Airways and Japan Airlines.

groups show interest in OHare express train project

To pay for it, the city would issue bonds backed by future higher fees the airlines will be charged under a new OHare lease. Evans said taxpayer money would not be used and travelers should not see an increase in aire since airlines are global companies that absorb lease increases and other fee changes.

Beyond the additional gates, other gates in Terminal would be torn down and replaced with new ones.

Editorial Ever fly? Then you know OHare needs this megamodernization

It is enormously important not to let this very old lease which is definitely the strongest airline control lease in the national system continue, Evans said. It just was not in the citys interest to let that kind of extreme airline control continue. … In , they gave away the store, gave away the rm.

Some of the terminals at OHare date back to the dawn of the jet age, said Henry Harteveldt, a San Franciscobased travel industry analyst and president of Atmosphere Research Group. The concourses choke. Good God. If youre at OHare at rush hour, even on a good day, it resembles one of the circles of hell. The city, the passengers flying to and through OHare and the airlines serving the airport all deserve a lot better, and theyre going to get it.

Emanuel is seeking to leverage the May expiration date of the airlines year lease to secure higher fees and charges from the carriers that would help bankroll the ambitious project. The Aviation Department would borrow against the future airline fees to pay for the construction, which city officials said would not require taxpayer dollars.

Harteveldt, the travel analyst, said United and American have enjoyed dominance over the airport, and it will be best for consumers if city airline officials use the expansion as an opportunity to open up more gates for other domestic and international carriers. He noted that Virgin and Spirit airlines both previously have complained about not being able to get more gate access at OHare.

Its good to be first when its the right thing to do, and this seems to be the right thing to do, Burke said. Other airports will be looking at what Chicago is able to accomplish, because if youre a large airport hub and you want to grow your international traffic, you want to work with your airlines to make sure the customer experience is a great one.

Midway, OHare see record passenger counts, but number of flights down at Chicago airports aviation officials

They price on demand. Fuel prices will have a lot bigger impact on ticket prices than rent, said Evans, who added that airport costs are about to percent of an airlines total operating costs.

So, in the end, American, United and the other nonhub airlines all agreed, the source said. It gives everyone sort of what they want.

Evans points to the new western employee garage as a commitment to keep building gates and concourses in that direction. The citys longterm planning calls for the addition of Satellite and Satellite concourses and the construction of a new western terminal, but those cilities are likely to years off into the future, according to a City Hall source miliar with the plans.

My boss, the mayor, has this thing I dont just want OHare to be bigger, it has to be the best, and this is one of the ways were going to leapfrog over the other U.S. international terminals, Evans said.

OHare th among major airports for ontime arrivals

The yearold Terminal would be torn down to make way for a new Global Terminal with wider concourses and gates to accommodate the larger aircraft that embark on international flights to places like Hong Kong and Dubai. Terminals , and would be renovated, while two new satellite concourses would be constructed to the west of the existing terminals and connected to the new Global Terminal by an underground pedestrian tunnel.

Terminal would welcome Delta and other spoke carriers at OHare, and theyll share the terminal with several international carriers, many of whom have partnerships with Delta. A Delta representative declined to comment Sunday.

A project of this scale also could be a reputation changer for OHare, which for years ranked among the worst for ontime arrivals and departures, leaving thousands of travelers with their own unique tales of lengthy Chicago delays and canceled flights.

United and Americans stranglehold over OHare and their frequent infighting often ground improvements or investments to a halt, city officials have said. One mous example took place eight years ago, Evans said, when a security checkpoint had to be shut down because a roof on Uniteds terminal was leaking.

The city and airline carriers are negotiating an . billion deal to vault OHare into the st century with a stateoftheart global terminal and dozens of new gates. More than million square feet would be added a percent increase. Phil Geib and Bill Ruthhart / Chicago Tribune

New concourses would be feet wide, dramatically larger than current ones. Terminals , and would get architectural upgrades. Passenger amenities would get a boost, with United and American opening ,squarefoot club lounges in the new Global Terminal.

In the coveted category of international passengers, Chicago lags even further behind.

While that practice might foster more competition, United and American will remain as the undisputed heavyweights at OHare, with plenty of say over the details of how the airport expansion is planned and constructed. As such, the two airlines are receiving preferential treatment and placement at the new cilities included in the plan, city officials stressed. United, Emanuel often notes, is Chicagos largest private sector employer.

The city and airline carriers are negotiating an . billion deal to vault OHare into the st century with a stateoftheart global terminal and dozens of new gates. More than million square feet would be added a percent increase. Phil Geib and Bill Ruthhart / Chicago Tribune

One of the reasons they could kill the project The year lease agreement theyve been operating under gives the two hub airlines veto power over virtually every decision and project at the airport that isnt considered vital to safety or security, Evans said.

So in , thenMayorRichard M. Daleyembarked on what became known as the OHare Modernization Program. The effort included using eminent domain to acquire acres while razing more than homes and commercial buildings and forcing the relocation of a Bensenville cemetery.

People know from traveling around the country, if Chicago is clogged, the rest of the country gets clogged. If they dont have enough gates for aircraft, the rest of the country suffers for it, Burke said. So, when I see a project like this going off at OHare, it is good for the entire U.S. airport system.

The airlines incentive for the big spending? More business and better customer service.

Given OHares place in the airport system and their place is an enormous one the ct they havent been able to increase their gates in years has been important, said Kevin M. Burke, president and CEO of the Airports Council International North America, an organization that represents airport governing bodies.

Two new concourses currently dubbed Satellite and Satellite also would be built. Satellite would connect to Terminal , while Satellite would be built rther west, according to city plans provided to the Tribune.

American spokeswoman Leslie Scott said the airline looked forward to sharing the details about our opportunities to grow in Chicago once the negotiations are completed.

Not included yet are three new hotel projects at the airport the renovation of the existing Hilton, along with a new hotel at Terminal and another new hotel to be built at a multimodal cility with rental cars, buses and parking thats under construction.

Adding new gates at OHare to expand the airports passenger capacity has been bandied aboutCity Hallfor at least two decades. For much of that time, it didnt amount to much more than talk. The airport had been hamstrung by its archaic layout of six intersecting runways. Even if OHare added gates, the airfield and runways couldnt handle the increase in flights because of the timing delays involved with alternating takeoffs and landings on the crisscrossing runways.

The gate western terminal Daley proposed was mothballed long before Emanuel took office, thanks to the power of United and American. The two hub airlines opposed the concept, arguing that they paid the majority of the fees at the airport and their money would go to build a terminal that would only benefit their competitors.

Under Emanuel and Evans, the city has changed its approach to adding gates and a new terminal at OHare.

MayorRahm Emanueland Chicagos airline carriers are in the final stages of negotiating a blockbuster . billion deal to dramatically expand OHare International Airport with a stateoftheart global terminal, dozens of new gates and several additional concourses, the Chicago Tribune has learned.

When the airfield construction is completed, OHare will operate six eastwest runways and two diagonal runways. As the added runway capacity ramps up, dozens of new gates will come online over the next eight years, according to the citys latest plans.

Security systems had to be covered with tarps after American repeatedly had shot down requests to repair the roof, arguing United should have to cover the entirety of the expense because of poor architectural design, she said.

As the new concourses and gates are built, flights that arrive and depart from Terminal would be relocated to the satellite concourses and an expanded Terminal . That would clear the way to tear down the aging Terminal without hindering the airports overall capacity and operations, Evans said. The details of exactly which airlines move, in what order and to where is still the subject of intense negotiations, city officials said.

When people bug me about the western terminal, I say, you dont build the rthest gates first, Evans said. You have to build into it. Well get there, and well absolutely need that.

However the inidual airlines will benefit, Harteveldt predicted the expansion would be a major driver of new jobs, more flights and increased tourism for years to come.

United and American, for example, would be located in the Global Terminal with major international partners Lufthansa, All Nippon Airways, British Airways and Japan Airlines. Some spoke carriers like Delta, for example, would relocate to whats now international Terminal , where customers easily could connect to KLM, Air France, Korean Air and Aeromexico.

The deal would cover . billion worth of improvements at OHare, according to sources miliar with the projects details who were not authorized to speak publicly. Once finalized, Emanuel is expected to introduce the agreement at Wednesdays City Council meeting.

Burke, the airports council CEO, said becoming the nations first global alliance hub would be a significant coup for OHare, especially given that the nations domestic travel in recent years has been relatively flat, with much of the growth coming from international flights.

Accused S.C. teen wanted to outdo other school shootings. The problem, he explained, was the weapon.

The amount of space for planes to park at airline gates would increase by percent, and the total number of gates would jump from today to roughly upon the projects completion in , Aviation Commissioner Ginger Evans confirmed in an exclusive interview with the Tribune.

That practice, city officials argue, left OHare lling behind nationally.

Chicago fills potholes this year in normal season but crater shows gap in how city handles themchicago

Monday, March 5th, 2018

Sometimes, answering a complaint can require more than one city department to get involved. That was the case with a deep, dangerous pothole on North Richmond Street in the Avondale neighborhood on the Northwest Side.

Thirtyone pothole complaints this year were classified as a WM water management sewer cave in inspection transfer cases, according to city data.The main reasons behind sewer structure ilures are age and the amount of flow to the structure over time, according to water department spokeswoman Megan Vidis. She said that is why repair and relining of sewer structures are part of the citys Building a New Chicago infrastructure program.

The count so r this year is lower than last years count for January and February of ,. CDOT spokesman Michael Claffey said thats because the roads are in better condition, which means fewer potholes. CDOT crews typically fix the potholes.

As asphalt ages, it develops cracks. Water gets into the cracks and as temperatures ll, the water freezes and expands, further weakening the pavement, Carney said. Cars drive over or close to the weakened area, causing the asphalt to collapse and create a pothole.

Chicago Tribunes Jennifer Smith Richards contributed.

The city clerks office received claims regarding potholes in and claims in , said spokeswoman Kate LeFurgy. She could not immediately say how many had been resolved.

They were pleased with themselves about it, but they hadnt done anything, Brown said. I thought it was funny because I was on my stoop reading the letter and looking at the pothole.

Sometimes the hole is caused by a belowthestreet sewer system problem and is referred to the Department of Water Management. Very deep holes deeper than or inches tend to be caveins related to water infrastructure, Carney said.

In , with its unusually cold and snowy Chiberia winter, there were , pothole repair requests, according to the citys data portal. In milder , the count was ,.

Were finding fewer potholes to fill and were filling them, said Claffey, who said holes are filled within three days of a complaint. We feel were on top of the problem this season, but as the weather warms up we expect to see more.

Under a new, more flexible labor agreement, CDOT now has the ability to reassign laborers from various isions to pothole repairs if necessary, Carney said. If theres a spike in pothole complaints, CDOT can now temporarily assign workers who were hanging signs or laying concrete or other s of work to pothole crews.

Last ll, Chelsea Brown, , a yoga teacher, stepped off the curb into what she thought was a patch of leafcovered street but turned out to be a deep hole that scraped her leg. I went straight down, she said.

Chelsea Brown kneels down beside a deep pothole near her home in the Avondale neighborhood of Chicago, Feb. , . Brown stepped into the pothole last ll, called the city and was assured it would be fixed it was not. Antonio Perez / Chicago Tribune

Chicago crews have filled , potholes and counting this year.

Brown called to complain, but no one fixed it. A neighbor set an orange cone in the hole, which kept growing bigger, Brown said. She called again toward the end of January or beginning of February. On Feb. she got a cheerful form letter from Transportation Commissioner Rebekah Scheinfeld and Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who praised Browns public spirit and said the department had completed her request. But the hole was still there, littered with trash and leaves.

I study liars. Ive never seen one like Donald Trump.

So r this year there have been , repair calls made to the system, according to the data portal. Actual potholes tend to outnumber repair calls by a ratio of , because city workers go to a spot and find several potholes, not just one, and also find holes in other areas, Claffey said.

Vidis said the freezethaw cycle is a smaller ctor in the wear and stress that is placed on sewers and affects the street suce more than the drain structure.

Chelsea Brown kneels down beside a deep pothole near her home in the Avondale neighborhood of Chicago, Feb. , . Brown stepped into the pothole last ll, called the city and was assured it would be fixed it was not. Antonio Perez / Chicago Tribune

It wasnt that vicious a pothole season it was a relatively mild, dry December and beginning of January, said Tom Carney, first deputy commissioner of the Chicago Department of Transportation. He said the city then got hit with snowstorms and rain, which made an impact on the roads.

Carney said the CDOT might have closed the issue on its end when it transferred the matter to the water department, which might explain the letter. Its not what we want to happen, said Carney, referring to the letter.

Chelsea Brown kneels beside a pothole measuring about feet by feet, and feet deep, outside her home. Brown stepped into the hole last ll, called the city and was assured it would be fixed. She received a letter saying the crater was filled, when it was not.

Vidis said she did not know exactly when the water department found out about the problem and was checking on that. The Chicago Tribune contacted both the water department and CDOT about the hole on Wednesday.

Carney advises Chicagoans who find a pothole to report it to or go online, and give as accurate an address as possible. If your car is damaged by a pothole,you can file a claim through the Chicago city clerks office.Outside of Chicago, call the suburb where the pothole is located to report it. If its on a state highway, call theIllinois Department of Transportationat or goonlineto report or file a claim.

Accused S.C. teen wanted to outdo other school shootings. The problem, he explained, was the weapon.

A water department inspector was sent out to Fletcher and Richmond streets on Wednesday, Vidis said. It looks like a catch basin issue, she said. A water department crew was working to fix the hole Friday.

The Shape of Water triumphs at an Oscars full of change

Both city and state officials say this is a normal pothole season so r because its been a typical cold winter, compared with the mild winter of and a mostly dry one last year. It could get worse if the weather gets rough this month.

Chelsea Brown kneels beside a pothole measuring about feet by feet, and feet deep, outside her home. Brown stepped into the hole last ll, called the city and was assured it would be fixed. She received a letter saying the crater was filled, when it was not. Antonio Perez/Chicago Tribune

Chicago man arrested after allegedly charging carchicago at Elmhurst officer before cop fired at him

Monday, March 5th, 2018

At a bond court hearing in DuPage County Thursday, prosecutors said that, during the traffic stop, Auterberry refused an officers request to exit his car. As an officer then tried to open drivers side door, Auterberry suddenly accelerated in the direction of another officer, who fired his gun, Assistant States Attorney Steve Knight said.

Prosecutors said Byron Auterberry, , was taken into custody without incident Wednesday, the day after he was pulled over during evening rushhour traffic on York Street in Elmhurst for an outstanding warrant.

In addition to the alleged offenses during the traffic stop, Auterberry was charged Wednesday with felony retail theft and burglary stemming from allegations that in January he drove a getaway car for a woman accused of shoplifting items from an Elmhurst grocery store. His bail was set at , for those charges.

A Chicago man who authorities said has served several stints in prison is accused of charging anElmhurstpolice officer with his car. The officer fired his gun as the suspect fled a traffic stop.

Judge Brian McKillip set Auterberrys bond at , on felony counts of aggravated assault and fleeing.

Auterberrys car then struck another vehicle, and the officer who had fired ran to his police vehicle and tried to follow, but Auterberry got away, the prosecutor said. The car was later recovered in Chicago, officials said.

One of the passengers in Auterberrys vehicle later told police that Auterberry cried, Im not going back to jail, before driving off Tuesday, Knight told the judge.

The DuPage County Major Crimes Task Force is investigating the officerinvolved shooting incident. Elmhurst Police did not return a call Thursday evening.

Knight recounted a lengthy criminal record for Auterberry, which the prosecutor said included nine previous trips to prison in Illinois, primarily on retail theft and theft convictions.

Prosecutors declined to say if Auterberry was hit by gunfire or where he was apprehended. He appeared in bond court via a video monitor and appeared to be in a wheelchair.Chicago man arrested after allegedly charging carchicago at Elmhurst officer before cop fired at him

chicagoChicago Tribune Chicago breaking news sports business entertainment weather and traffic

Monday, March 5th, 2018

Will House Speaker Michael Madigan allow his political empire to be vetted through an independent investigation? He should.

Guillermo del Toros lavish, romantic monster ble The Shape of Water claimed best picture at an Oscar ceremony flooded by a sense of a change for a movie business confronting the postHarvey Weinstein era.

Just because Ryan Pace said last week that the Bears can quickly improve at receiver this offseason, it doesnt mean theyll take a onedimensional approach to such a critical task. As the fourthyear general manager indicated, he is preparing to attack the Bears greatest offensive need on multiple…

As a teacher, the last thing I need in my classroom is a…

Since losing her daughter, Chelsea, five years ago, Terri Oesterle has been speaking up about the challenges she endured. She speaks about substance abuse, bullying and mental health. Lately, she has been speaking about livers. Antonio Perez / Chicago Tribune

If youre like me and still have at least seven movies to watch ahead of the th Academy Awards this Sunday p.m. on ABC you might want to get out of the house once the ceremony actually rolls around. Grab a few drinks, candy and popcorn, and get ready to enjoy the film festivities at one of…

Best make up? Rick and Negan talk as Walking Dead goes head to head with Oscars

Best and worst Oscar shion through the years swan dress included

A day before a Central Michigan University sophomore from southwest suburban Plainfield tally shot his parents inside his dorm, he acted erratically, telling a campus police officer that someone was out to kill him, authorities said Saturday, hours before he was formally charged with murder. …

A n at the Scottrade Center held up a sign with seconds left on the clock. The black letters spelled out Party Like Its . Finally, Loyola is celebrating again. The Ramblers earned their first trip to the NCAA tournament in years with Sundays victory against Illinois State…

Against all odds, love won out at the th Academy Awards. Guillermo del Toros lavish, romantic monster ble The Shape of Water swam away with best picture at an Oscar ceremony flooded by a sense of a change for a movie business confronting the postHarvey Weinstein era. The ceremony, held…

Down to the wire, as the th Academy Awards approached the fourhour mark, the suspense was legitimate. Who would win the best picture Oscar, in this first year of the postHarvey Weinstein era? This new day in Hollywood, as presenter Jennifer Lawrence put it? This ided, isive world, with…

Oscar ballot Can you outguess Tribune film critic Michael…

Welcome to Clout Street Morning Spin, our weekday feature to catch you up with whats going on in government and politics from Chicago to Springfield. Subscribe here. Topspin Democratic U.S. Rep. Dan Lipinski says his party is risking creating a tea party ction as it drifts leftward and ils…

The era of dogs at the Shedd Aquarium ended over the weekend, and with it ended the era of people being surprised to learn that the Shedd Aquarium has dogs. Its true. The home to mostly aquatic life by the lakefront has kept canines on the premises for most of the past five years, partly to…

The Wrigley Building is expected to go up for sale, in a deal that could fetch more than million for one of Chicagos most iconic buildings.

Once in a while I watch Undercover Boss a show about CEOs posing as new hires in their own company to see what really goes on and Im always bothered by how unaware the CEOs are about whats happening on the front lines. Im not especially surprised. This is a common problem in organizations….

Anthony Rizzo Foundations celebrity auction for…

Dave Thomas was getting ready for work Monday afternoon when he heard women screaming in his apartment building in Oswego. Thomas, a gun instructor, peeked out the door and saw blood in the hallway. He went to his bedroom, where a handgun and an AR assault rifle were lying on the bed….

Merrill Garbus refusal to stay fixated on one musical idea for any extended period Saturday at a soldout Thalia Hall appeared to parallel the impatience of modern culture. The New England native, who performs as TuneYards, remained busy operating a bevy of foot pedals, synthers and microphones…

Treehousethemed restaurant Fort Willow opens

Jimmy Kimmels Oscars monologue takes aim at Trump, Pence and Harvey Weinstein

People jump into Lake Michigan for the Polar Plunge

Brian Bourke has spent a lot of time at OHare International Airport while racking up more than , miles of travel a year, mostly on business trips for an Itascabased logistics company. His reaction upon hearing the city of Chicagos plans for the biggest expansion in the airports year…

Join us as Blue Sky Innovation hosts the latest event in its networking series, Blue Sky Social, presented by Gentleman Jack. This event will take place April at Highline Bar Lounge in River North. Meet creative Chicagoans who share your entrepreneurial spirit and passion for new ideas the…

Two groups of protesters with very different views about weapons ced off at the DuPage County Fairgrounds Sunday morning during a sportsmans show that featured guns for sale. Enough is enough. Too many people have been killed by the AR, said Jax West of Lisle, who organized the initial…

Jeanne Ives paused in the middle of a long, winding response to a question about taxpayerfunded abortions and stared into her phone, the only soundtrack the clink of silverware across the golf club dining room. She was searching for education data as she tried to convince a Peoria womens business…

A man who was found shot to death in a vehicle on the Far South Side early Sunday morning was visiting from Iowa, where he moved to escape neighborhood violence, according to his mily. The man killed was Arthur AJ Smith, , according to his ther. Smith was found with a gunshot wound to the…

I spent the first two decades of my career as a social scientist studying liars and their lies. I thought I had developed a sense of what to expect from them. Then along came President Donald Trump. His lies are both more frequent and more malicious than ordinary peoples. In research beginning…

Each week, William Lee and Nina Metz recap and discuss the first season of The Chi, which airs at p.m. Sundays on Showtime. Spoilers ahead William Lee This week, for me, was one of the most entertaining episodes and exemplifies what the show could be wildly erging vignettes showing the…

odd animal sightings in Chicago and Illinois over the…

Blackhawks embark on meaningless March and April

As you work, Big Business is watching. Companies are increasingly tapping into new technology designed to keep a close eye on employees. This monitoring goes beyond traditional security cameras to include porle devices worn by workers. As the Tribune has reported, Amazon recently won patents…

Donnell Burns was shirtless, handcuffed and cedown on the pavement outside of a Walmart on the Northwest Side when police arrived. Kneeling over him was Adrian Santos III, an armed guard for Monterrey Security who detained the shoplifting suspect by shoving a knee into his neck, according to…

Loyola earns st NCAA tourney bid since with MVC championship win over Illinois State

The emergency room at Northwestern Memorial Hospital was packed with flu patients when Caleb Stevens hobbled through the doors on crutches one evening in January, his leg pulsing with pain from a weekold gunshot wound. The clerk at the intake desk was unzed when Stevens said he had been wounded…

Weeks after she died, mementos from Carolyn Spencers life remained under a highway exit ramp near the Indiana Welcome Center in Hammond. For years, she took precautions to be alone. Her home was past a trio of tucked away hotels, down a short gravel road filled with potholes, on concrete behind…

All board seats are up for election this year. Here are the contested races in the March primary election and our endorsements in each contest.

On Pulaski Day, send some love to a hardertopronounce hero Kosciuszko

Im the head of marketing for a person consulting firm. Im also the mother of a yearold daughter and yearold son. Both roles are demanding, challenging, and enormously fulfilling. Im committed to each of them. And Im not willing to sacrifice one for the sake of the other. This is not…

Authorities near Rockford on Sunday announced the names of the three people who were found dead in a home Saturday in an apparent murdersuicide. Peter S. Ruckman, , and his sons Christopher Ruckman, , and John Ruckman, , were all found in a home in the block of Chandan Woods Drive in…

President Donald Trump is asking for a trade war. This is a terrible decision.

Chicagos best fried foods chicken, shrimp, fries and more

Phillips The biggest Oscar surprise? The show can still surprise us

A bizarre week in Gunland America, where teens wield rifles like backpacks

Monday is Pulaski Day, a holiday that honors a Polish hero of the American Revolution and gives some Illinois workers the day off. As a PolishAmerican, Im all in vor of remembering Casimir Pulaski, the gallant Continental Army general who is called the ther of the American cavalry, and died…

Since losing her daughter, Chelsea, five years ago, Terri Oesterle has been speaking up about the challenges she endured. She speaks about substance abuse, bullying and mental health. Lately, she has been speaking about livers. Antonio Perez / Chicago Tribune

The Polar Plunge is this weekend, and, if the weather forecast holds, it might not be so polar after all. This is perhaps the bestknown plunge out of the citys several trips into the frigid water, each of which typically raises money for charity. This weekends is the th of the Special Olympicssupporting…

To a large extent, Jeanne Ives is testing how the DuPage County brand of conservatism plays on the statewide stage. Still focused on abortion and immigration on the campaign trail, shes dialed back the Alan Keyes bomb throwing.

Professor, teenage sons shot to death in apparent murdersuicide

Sinclair Broadcast Group is selling WGNTV to a Maryland auto dealer but would remain in control of the station in what critics say is a bid to skirt ownership limits and win federal regulatory approval for its proposed . billion acquisition of Tribune Media. That means Terrorism Alert Desk…

Cops Student acted erratically day before he killed his parents at Central Michigan University

Un estudiante de aos acusado de matar a sus padres en…

MGMT reconciles with pop music, satisfies at the Riviera

Rep. Lipinski warns Democrats of tea party of the left

After getting into a Twitter war with Donald Trump earlier in the week, Alec Baldwin was back on Saturday Night Live, portraying the th president in the March rd episode. In the cold open sketch that started as an episode of Anderson Cooper with Alex Moft as Anderson Cooper, Baldwin…

Three kids, and yearolds, injured in West Side shooting

Iowa police investigate sbing death of college basketball player from Chicago area

The dilemma of development Will Obama center hurt those its supposed to help?

The Shape of Water triumphs at an Oscars full of change

The death of Donnell Burns after a struggle with a Monterrey Security guard at a Chicago Walmart raises concerns about how diligently the company conducts checks on its employees.

Why OHare needs to grow and what we can learn from other mega airport expansions

India celebrates Holi festival of s

War of words at DuPage County Fairgrounds between progun and antigun groups gets heated

Shortly after police officers arrived at a Northwest Side Walmart on the afternoon of July , , shoplifting suspect Donnell Burns became unresponsive. Guards with Monterrey Security had confronted him and scuffled with him before he stopped breathing. Cook County medical examiners office

Police investigating ual assault on Blue Line train

A woman riding a Blue Line train reported that a man touched her inappropriately between the Irving Park and Addison stops late Sunday, authorities said. The woman, , told police that a man sitting behind her on the train reached forward and touched her buttocks and hip area, police said. Police…

Since losing her daughter five years ago, Terri Oesterle has been speaking out about the challenges she endured. She speaks about her daughters alcohol addiction, the bullying she experienced, and the stigma around mental health. Lately, shes also been speaking about liver transplants.

Thousands of Venezuelans are pouring out of their crippled nation in one of the biggest migration crises in Latin American history, causing growing alarm in the region and prompting neighboring countries to rush thousands of soldiers to the border. The massive scale of the exodus is being compared…

The graduate student workers strike at University of Illinois will continue into a second week after a weekend mediation session iled to produce a contract agreement, union and university leaders said Sunday night. Bargaining teams for the Graduate Employees Union and the university administration…

Jon Lester tackles throwing to bases one bounce at a time

Set to embark on his first full season as the White Sox second baseman, Yoan Moncada is in a much better place when it comes to expressing his opinions about where he should bat in the lineup than he was a year ago. So when he sat down with manager Rick Renteria last week to discuss his role for…

Set to embark on his first full season as the White Sox second baseman, Yoan Moncada is in a much better place when it comes to expressing his opinions about where he should bat in the lineup than he was a year ago. So when he sat down with manager Rick Renteria last week to discuss his role for…

Ryan Pace ducked into Matt Nagys office at Halas Hall recently and found himself instantly energized. Inside, the new Bears coach was glued to the film of a prospective free agent, plowing through a series of five games. To Nagys left was a notebook in which he was scribbling evaluation notes…

The past year saw the death of many nole entertainment figures, particularly in the music business. For this years Oscars In Memoriam segment, Eddie Vedder sang Tom Pettys Room at the Top. The singer died in October. Jerry Lewis came last in the segment, traditionally the space where the…

Car crashes into home after running red light on Far South Side

U. of I. graduate student workers strike to enter nd week as mediation effort ils

A ballot integrity issue is unfolding in this state, and no, it does not involve the Russians. The culprit is almost as menacing machine politics.

Just because Ryan Pace said last week that the Bears can quickly improve at receiver this offseason, it doesnt mean theyll take a onedimensional approach to such a critical task. As the fourthyear general manager indicated, he is preparing to attack the Bears greatest offensive need on multiple…

Former Obama chief of staff says McConnell watered down Russia warning ahead of election

.. .. .. .. .. These arent Cubs spring training batting averages. Theyre the point percentages from Kris Dunn on the low end to Zach LaVine on the high of Fred Hoibergs five starters for Mondays matchup with the Celtics. With Bobby Portis, he of the . point percentage,…

Dear Amy I am a yearold woman, orced with three grown kids. I live on a small rm by myself out in the country. I am independent. I dont feel the need to go out all the time. I have a male friend who I have known for years. He and I dated when I was . We were ually intimate. He…

Hit a Cubs game and a Sox game on the same day. Help send off more than , sailors on a sprint up Lake Michigan. Get a contact high from rabid Fighting Illini and Chicago Fire ns. These are a few of the sportsrelated experiences in the next installment of our bicentennial bucket list …

For a nearly year stretch of Academy Awards history, it seemed that the only costume designer in all of Hollywood was Edith Head. Not only did Head create costumes for films such as The Sting, Rear Window, Notorious and Funny Face, she also dressed actresses such as Elizabeth Taylor…

Q I just had my car washed at a popular local cility. I watched almost every customer hit the free undercarriage rinse button. Could that rinse water be recycled from the wash process? This time of year with so much road salt being washed away, I wondered if we were getting a salt water…

Welcome to the historic Oscars…. It promises to be a very special evening. With that announcement, Ryan Seacrest, clad in a navyandblack tuxedo, kicked off E!s red carpet coverage of the Academy Awards, despite the ual misconduct allegations that have been levied against him. At the top…

Oscars In a year of supposed sure things, the best…

More international travel? OHares longest…

Six days before he allegedly opened fire on an elementary school playground, the eighthgrader returned to his Instagram group chat to fixate, yet again, on his most intense interests guns and bombs and the mass murder of children. My plan, wrote Jesse Osborne, who had turned three weeks…

March , is our birthday, for it was on that day in that Chicago was incorporated as a city. So, happy birthday, and we can all celebrate by room on the bookshelf of great Chicago novels. Squeeze together whatever is already there you surely have Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser,…

cities with the most expensive first dates

Chicago suburb Wauconda flooded with requests related to…

The th Academy Awards took place on Sunday, honoring the best in film from the past year. Below is the full list of winners. Supporting Actor Sam Rockwell in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Hair and Makeup Darkest Hour Kazuhiro Tsuji, David Malinowski, Lucy Sibbick Costume Design…

Sundays episode of The Walking Dead moved from burying Carl to repudiating his values. So I guess if youre looking for motion in a story, thats what you got. The journey from Point A to Point F, though, was an intriguing one, as the show gave us lenses into a series of key characters, from…

Luxury crossovers and SUVs from BMW , Land Rover, Volvo, Lexus will take center stage at the Geneva International Motor Show, Europes most significant auto show, which opens to the press March . BMWs new X aims to put a sporty spin on the compact luxury SUV. Like the more formal X that went…

As Ives hits the road against Rauner, her firebrand reputation precedes her

By looking at the human eye, Googles algorithms were able to predict whether someone had high blood pressure or was at risk of a heart attack or stroke, Google researchers said Monday, opening a new opportunity for artificial intelligence in the vast and lucrative global health industry. The algorithms…

Its so sad Friends of Oak Park homicide victim recall his kind and gentle nature

Shortly after police officers arrived at a Northwest Side Walmart on the afternoon of July , , shoplifting suspect Donnell Burns became unresponsive. Guards with Monterrey Security had confronted him and scuffled with him before he stopped breathing. Cook County medical examiners office

chicagoChicago Travel Guide

Monday, March 5th, 2018

Spring, summer, and ll. Festivals, special events, and beautiful scenery happen every month, and Lake Michigan is picturesque.

Its best to visit Chicago in the spring or in ll, when temperatures are warm and the city offers plenty of festivals and activities. Peak travel season occurs during the summer months, when the weather is at its warmestthough the high season means larger crowds and higher prices at hotels. Winters in Chicago can be chilly and snowy, but you may want to brave a blizzard or two for the lower aire and hotel prices. When you arrive, the Midwestern friendliness will stay with you no matter whats happening outside.

VIDEO How to Spend One Perfect Day in Chicago

Chicagos Hottest Chef, Grant Achatz, on the Citys Top Culinary Hangouts

Receive exclusive travel deals, insider tips, inspiration, breaking news updates, and more.

Another Major Snowstorm Is Hitting The U.S. Heres What It Means for Traveling

Wes Anderson Inspired This Chicago Restaurants Newest Dining Series

Chicagos elevated train the L and bus network is expansive and services the citys neighborhoods, and even some surrounding suburbs prices start are per bus ride and . per train ride. Its also irly walkable, especially downtown.

A city of neighborhoods, Chicago is wholly unique and no matter where you go, each part has its own draw the buzzing Loop downtown and upscale River North, artsy Wicker Park, scholarly Hyde Park, and flamboyant Boystown. Add to that some of the worlds best architecture and museums, a thriving music and dining scene, and its multicultural makeup, and youll see why for many, the Second City is second to none.

The Chicago Athletic Association Hotels Alluring Vibe

Type A twoprong plug or Type B threeprong plug

Listen to Friends Star David Schwimmer Pretend to Be the Chicago Bean

Whether youre in the mood for comedy, jazz clubs, fine dining, glittering skyscrapers, or an afternoon of shopping, TLs Chicago travel guide has the scoop on where to go. During the th century, Chicago was a major hub for the shipping industry; present day Chicago is better known for its vibrant music scenethe city played a seminal role in the emergence of jazz and blues, and its symphony orchestra is a standoutbut its history as a major port city is still reflected in Chicagos vibrant waterfront district. Design and architecture buffs should plan a Chicago trip for some of the countrys most cuttingedge buildings and monuments, like Cloud Gate, the giant reflective bean sculpture found in Millennium Park. Sports ns will want to cheer on their vorite team, be it the Cubs, the Bears, the Bulls, the Blackhawks, or the White Sox.

Southwest Resumes Flights at Chicago Midway After Running Out of Deicing Fluid

January is the coolest month, with an average temperature of F .C and July is the hottest month, with an average temperature of F .C.

What Went Wrong When an American Airlines Plane Caught on Fire in Chicago

Traffic is thick and rental cars, gas, and parking are expensive. Its best to stay on public transit. Winters can be especially windy in the Great Lakes region, so be sure to pack a hat and scarf, and wear lots of layers.

A city of neighborhoods, Chicago is wholly unique and no matter where you go, each part has its own draw the buzzing Loop downtown and upscale River…

In recent years, the citys hotel scene has gotten a major boost. While its grand dames like The Drake or Palmer House Hilton are rightfully mous, newcomers like the Thompson Chicago and Virgin Hotel Chicago have both brought a slick, modern vibe. The recently opened Chicago Athletic Association, housed in a Gothic era building with Art Deco interiors, has become a destination itselfespecially in the summer, when its rooftop patio is a major draw.chicagoChicago Travel Guide

Chicago Weather Storm could dump up to foot of snochicagow on area by Friday night

Saturday, March 3rd, 2018

Chicago Weather Storm could dump up to foot of snochicagow on area by Friday nightSuspected gunman in Dolton gas station double shooting arrested in Robbins

Glenwood man crushed by semi while changing tire on TriState Tollway

And number three At least try to stay positive.

Metra BNSF trains will be running on an alternate snow schedule Friday.Click hereto see the schedule.

Personalize your weather by entering a location.

The Chicago area is bracing for the biggest snowstorm of the season starting Thursday night. WLS

The Chicago Transit Authority said it anticipates providing normal service on Friday and is working closely with the Office of Emergency Management and Communications. Still, the CTA advised commuters to allow for extra travel time in the weather.

Our first goal is to get our doors open with our own staff here, if its really bad. But once that happens, weve got several things that the kids can do, Johnson said.

Just do what you can prepare, obviously gas up, Cruz said.

If youve got a flight coming up, delays and cancellations might be in your future. Airlines flying out of OHare and Midway are asking customers to keep a close eye on their reservations.

Dozens of schools across the Chicago area announced they were closing Friday. Other municipalities also opted to shut down their school districts in full. Click below for a full list of school closings.

Chicago Weather Winter storm dumps up to a foot of snow across the area

yearold Red Gerard wins first gold medal for the US

Snow began lling Thursday evening and will continue through the night. Anywhere between and inches of snow will be on the ground in the Chicago area by a.m. Friday morning.

Fundraiser provides Luggage of Love for foster children

Heavy snowll brings dibs back to Chicago streets

Were so fortunate to have the robust transit system we have. Tomorrows the day to rely on it. But there may be some delays, said RTA spokesperson Susan Massel.

Chicago Weather New round of snowll could bring more inches by Sunday

It could be the perfect day for a dip in the pool at the Kroc Center in West Pullman.

A similar scene played out at Clark Devon Hardware. Customers shopped for snow blowers and shovels, getting ready for snow removal.

Due to the extreme weather forecast, classes for all CPS students will be canceled on Friday, February .

Man reunites with beloved dog after woman gives him up at shelter

All Chicago Public Schools are closed on Friday, Feb. , due to the anticipated snowll.

Chicagoans stocked up on food, water, and snowblowers as they prepared for heavy snowll Thursday and Friday.

A full tank of gas was the number one goal for the drivers ABC talked to.

Yu Darvish, Cubs reach million, year deal

WEATHER RADAR Track the storm with LIVE Doppler MAX

Usually it is kind of slower in the winter time, but of course when theres snow that really brings everything out, said store manager Geremiah Somerville.

Residents are reminded that they are responsible for sidewalk snow removal outside of their property.Click here for Chicagos sidewalk clearing rules.

More snow is then on the way Saturday. Areas north could see anywhere from to inches from that storm, while areas south could see an additional to inches. The snow is likely to come Saturday afternoon into Saturday night.

The stores manager said home delivery orders doubled Thursday.

Soda, coffee, bread, maybe TV dinners, pork chops, shopper Ziggy Anderson listed.

Northern Illinois University canceled classes at all NIU cilities and all university offices at all locations are closed. The open house for transfer students is also canceled, the university said.

Pace is also asking passengers to avoid nonessential travel Friday. They advise their fixed route and ADA paratransit service passengers to postpone or cancel nonessential trips starting Thursday night through Sunday. Passengers should expect significant delays.Click herefor more information from the Pace website.

Cold and snow can make it very difficult for vehicles, including buses and trains. The CTA said it uses a lot of extra equipment to make sure the trains keep running, including sleet scrapers. Trains are also equipped with snow plow blades and deicers for the third rail. Buses are also equipped with engine warmers to keep them running smoothly.

Kids can get a day pass for , just come with a parent to use the sprawling cility and stay warm inside.

A Winter Storm Warning is set to go into effect at p.m. Thursday for most of the Chicago area.

Officials in west suburban Aurora said it will enforce its snowll ordinance, which prohibits parking on city streets and alleyways during or after a snowll of two inches or more until the street has been fully plowed. The city said since Jan. , almost tickets have been issued and vehicles have been towed for violating the snowll ordinance.


The rush began when the doors opened Thursday morning.

Police Ohio officers killed responding to ; suspect held


Parking restrictions have been put in place across the Chicago area in anticipation of the storm.

Chicagos used to this on the other hand we havent had a snow on this level. And its not just one night, its going to go through the weekend, said Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Weekend Watch J.B. Pritzkers philanthropy

Our trucks are going to be caught in traffic just as everybody is if people decide to drive tomorrow, said IDOT spokesman Guy Tridgell.

Chicago Weather New round of snowll could bring more inches by Sunday

Residents who live on the th Avenue corridor near Horace Mann High School are being permitted to park in the school parking lot from Friday until Monday to avoid being towed, Gary officials said. Residents who live near Indiana University Northwest may also park in either of the schools parking lots from Friday to Monday as well.

As of p.m., OHare had flight cancellations and Midway had flight cancellations. Both airports reported average delays of less than minutes.

The store is fully stocked with shovels, snow blowers and winter weather gear, but salt is in short supply. Theyre expecting another shipment Friday.

We did have to limit certain quantities, like normally we sell like palettes. We had to limit so there was at least enough for people to get themselves going, Somerville said.

Metra is staffing key switch locations to keep them free of snow, and putting extra mechanics in the field. Its also prefueling locomotives and leaving engines on overnight.

Across the area, residents crowded grocery and hardware stores Thursday, stocking up on staples before the snow moves in.

Washington man, , raped dying woman, ed photos, police say

WLSTV. All Rights Reserved.

ABC will be going on the air Friday morning starting at a.m.Report a TypoRelated Topics

American Airlines announced Thursday afternoon that they have proactively cancelled flights scheduled for Thursday and Friday, a spokesperson said. The airline is offering a weather waiver to allow passengers to change their flights without penalty.

Snow will ll throughout the day Friday, with additional accumulation of to inches possible.

I came in Thursday to do my shopping, instead of Friday, because of the storm so I wont be caught in it tomorrow, said Richard Showers, shopping at the Wrigleyville Jewel Osco.

WEATHER RADAR Track the storm with LIVE Doppler MAX

I keep the hot hands and stuff in there in case we break down itll keep the hands warm. said Chicago driver Shawn Mills.

Chicago Weather New round of snowll could bring more inches by Sunday

Weve geared up for tomorrow to have a few extra activities, said Major Marc Johnson, Salvation Arm.

The city of Chicago deployed more than snow plows Thursday night.

It is very important because I am older, especially, to get out and get all of my shopping needs done, said Jeannie Bunnell, shopping at the Wrigleyville Jewel Osco.

For milies in need of youth programs and services on the snow day, all Chicago Public Library and Chicago Park District cilities will be open during their normal hours. Families should check the hours, which vary, of their local cilities online or by calling the specific library or park.

Chicago Weather Storm could dump up to foot of snow on area by Friday night

iframe width frameborder allowfullscreen/iframe

The Illinois Department of Transportation and Indiana Department of Transportation deployed fleets of snow plows and salt trucks to the roads Thursday night.

Transportation officials are urging people who dont need to be out on Friday to stay home.

In west suburban Elmhurst reminded residents not to park on city streets for eight hours following a snowll of inches or more. No overnight street parking is allowed on Thursday or Friday.

I usually make sure I put my shovel in the trunk of my car at all times. I tend to get snowed in a lot or get stuck in the snow so I keep my shovel with me and that usually gets me out, said Cruz.

Chicago area commuters are trying to figure out if they can work from home Friday.

The warning is in effect for Cook, DuPage, Lake, Will, Boone, De Kalb, Grundy, Kane, Kendall, La Salle, Lee, McHenry, Ogle and Winnebago counties in Illinois and Lake and Porter counties in Indiana and Kenosha County in Wisconsin until p.m. Friday. The warning is in effect for Elkhart, La Porte, Lagrange, St. Joseph and Steuben counties in Indiana from p.m. Thursday until p.m. Friday.

ABC AccuWeather ForecastWatch the latest ABC AccuWeather forecast.


Officials in Gary, Ind., reminded residents to obey all signs designating no parking on city streets when snowll is at or above inches. Gary police said vehicle towing will be strictly enforced on designated snow routes.

I dont mind the snow. Youre in Chicago, you knew when you came here, you knew it was here before you got here, said Chicago driver Jeff Dore.

For the motorists who simply have to hit the road Thursday night and Friday, some seasoned Chicago winter drivers have some tips.

Winter Olympics might be the coldest in years

Sorry, but the location you entered was not found. Please try again.

Chicago fire officials are also reminding residents that if snow has piled up tall enough to cover your tailpipe, you should be sure to clear the snow entirely from around your tailpipe before starting your car to warm it up. If you do not clear the snow, you are at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning.

They heard about the weather, and it does impat our business. It is good for business, Paul Szyszka, manager, said.

Chicago is bracing for its biggest snow sincechicago

Saturday, March 3rd, 2018

The snow will linger into Saturday, and a lighter round is likely Sunday.

Make no mistake about it This is a heavy snow, heavier than we have seen in a number of winters, said Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Now, Chicago is used to this. On the other hand, over the last winters we havent had a snow at this level. And it is not just one night, it is going to go through the weekend.

Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out whats happening in the world as it unfolds.

CNNs Lindsay Benson contributed to this report.

Please remember with all of the school closings that there will be lots of kids playing in the snow and they may not be watching! Drive carefully! the agency tweeted.

Residents weathered inches over two days in February . A storm in February , logging in at . inches, was the last time Chicago had more than inches of snow in a single storm.

CNNChicago commuters, theres no other way to put this Your drive Friday is going to be a bear.

Travel will be very difficult to impossible at times, including during the morning commute, the National Weather Service said in a winter storm warning.

The first part of a narrow band of heavy snow arrived Thursday night at the United States thirdlargest city by population. Schools will be closed as millions see accumulations of to inches by late Friday.

The Illinois Department of Transportation tweeted road conditions were deteriorating Thursday night across the top of the state as the system neared Chicago. Our crews are out in full force clearing snow but please consider postponing any unnecessary travel!

Have an emergency kit in your car. We will get to you but it may take time. We are driving in the same conditions. Dont call for road conditions. Look out your window. Its snowing. Finally, please dont hit us. Move over or slow down when you see our lights!

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Chicagoans are a hardy bunch, but a foot of snow is still a big deal. Since , Chicago has had only nine days with plus inches of snow.

Heavy snow is expected to spread across northern Illinois early this evening, then continue into Friday. Travel tonight into Friday will likely be very difficult to impossible at times. Avoid any unnecessary /JqOCoUWpz

Detroit will get a snow dump of its own The forecast is for to inches. It, too, has closed its schools.

Chicago officials say they are ready. Some pieces of snowfighting equipment and , tons of salt were in position, they said at a Thursday afternoon news conference.

Chicago and Detroit flight cancellations were on the way up, according to tracking website m. More than Friday flights involving the two cities were canceled.

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To the east, snow emergencies have been declared in many metro Detroit communities, according to CNN affiliateWDIV. Michigan State Police said snowmageddon was approaching.

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