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Friday, March 9th, 2018

The expected suitors for free agent Kirk Cousins, one of the leagues most productive quarterbacks over the past three years, are the Broncos, Cardinals, Vikings and Jets, sources tell ESPN.

Badly needing sility at QB, the Jets will make signing Kirk Cousins a top priority. But should they whiff, Josh McCown might be brought back.

The Jets almost assuredly will make a run at Kirk Cousins, but they also could draft a QB at No. and look at other freeagent options.

The Jets havent traded up in the draft since , but could be willing to this year if GM Mike Maccagnan sees a player he wants, particularly a QB.

The Jets are taking a long look at Baker Mayfield, one of players theyll bring to their cility for a predraft visit.

While the Jets, Broncos, Vikings and Cardinals each can make enticing recruiting pitches, one team has a clear leg up due to its roster strength.

Penn State RB Saquon Barkley was very impressive in his combine media session. Confident, but humble. Yes, he reads mock drafts, but he takes them with a grain of salt.

If given the chance, the Jets will jump at boomorbust QB prospect Josh Allen, according to McShays mock draft ..

A sampling from Baker Mayfields media session Believes he can be the guy to turn around the Browns. Calls himself the most accurate quarterback in the draft by r. Says hes ready to be a franchise QB from Day . Wouldnt be intimidated by the New York spotlight. No, he doesnt lack confidence.

The Jets released the talented defensive lineman after a llingout last season. Where should he restart his career? Our NFL Insiders weigh in on the biggest topics of the offseason.

There are plenty of variables when evaluating players, but well take a purely statistical look at some of the Jets quarterback options.

Will the Super Bowl MVP have a new home in ? The Eagles could have interested trade partners in the desert and the Midwest, among others.

How would Baker Mayfield handle the New York spotlight if hes drafted by the Jets? His answer.

Louisville QB Lamar Jackson, asked several questions about switching positions, says, Im strictly a quarterback. And hes not into gadget positions. Asked about the Wildcat, he ed his knowledge of Dolphins history.

Antonio Cromartie, who didnt play last season, has announced his retirement from the NFL, thanking the Chargers, Jets and Cardinals in an Instagram post.

For those wondering With the release of Mo Wilkerson and the retirement of Matt Forte, the Jets now have . million in cap room, per . No other salarycap moves are imminent, meaning CB Buster Skrine and G James Carpenter are safe for now. The Jets are negotiating with their own free agents and theyre expected to tender RFA Quincy Enunwa. A secondround tender would be about million. Theyre meeting with Enunwas reps at the combine to discuss his future.

Theres no doubt Baker Mayfield is a brash playmaker, and while the brash might worry the Jets, it shouldnt keep them from considering the QB.

Christian Hackenberg hasnt had a regularseason snap since he was drafted in , so he wouldnt be an ideal No. QB if the Jets land Kirk Cousins.

Onetime freeagent darling Neil ODonnell thinks Kirk Cousins should pick a team where he feels comforle and can win a championship.

The Jets thranked offense would get an immediate boost if Saquon Barkley manages to ll to them at No. in the draft.

A couple of thoughts on CB Antonio Cromartie, who announced his retirement after seasons Cromartie, who played for the Jets from and , was one of the most freakishly gifted athletes Ive ever covered. Who could forget the season, when the Jets had a lousy receiving corps and Cromartie lobbied Rex Ryan to let him play receiver? I think he wouldve been pretty good if Ryan had allowed him to play two ways. The play Ill never forget Cromarties yard kickoff return in the wildcard game, which set up a gamewinning FG as time expired. Without that kickoff return, Im not sure if the Jets beat the Peyton Manning Colts. He didnt do a lot of returning, only in big spots. In that spot, he came up huge.

The Spring Leagues roster will include QB Johnny Manziel, former Jets WR Stephen Hill and former Florida State WR Marvin Bracy, who quit football in to pursue a professional track career. Other players on the list include former University of Minnesota QB Mitch Leidner, former East Carolina QB Cody Keith and former Vikings WR Greg Childs, who hasnt played since tearing the patellar tendons in both knees in . The Spring League will open practice March in Austin, Texas, and host doubleheader games on April and April .

The Patriots need help in the front seven. The Cowboys need help in the secondary again. The Eagles? Its hard to find a weakness … but Football Outsiders did. Heres the biggest issue for every team heading into free agency and the draft.

The Jets are in pretty good shape from a salary cap standpoint. What does that mean in regards to Kirk Cousins and their offensive and defensive lines?

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Saquon Barkley says he was a Jets n growing up. He watched them on TV and told his ther he wanted to play for them some day. Could it happen? The Penn State RB would have to take a minor tumble to ll to the Jets at .

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Friday, March 9th, 2018

keywordnew york한인들도 많이 찾는 인기 관광지 독일마을레븐워스의 놀이공원 조성 계획을 놓고 시정부와 일부 주민들 사이에 찬반공방이 가열되고 있다.레븐

모기지 이자율이 드디어 오르기 시작했다. 국영 모기지 기관 프레디맥의 집계에 따르면 년 만기 고정 금리는 약 .월 일 마감 기

More than , copies of Kpop boy band Wanna Ones new album have been pre

해외독립운동 요람지 하와이에서 제 주년 삼일절 기념식이 열렸다.해외 한인이민교회 장자 교회로 하와이 한인 이민역사와 그 궤를 같이하는 그리

LA 다저스 에이스 클레이튼 커쇼가 시범경기에서 세 경기 연속 무실점 행진을 이어갔다. 이 과정에서 일본 출신의 투타겸업 선수인 쇼헤이 오타니

현대자동차는 지난 일 스위스제네바 팔렉스포Geneva Palexpo에서 개막한 제네바 국제 모터쇼에서 현대차의 새로운 디

수입산 철강알루미늄 관세 폭탄 조치를 둘러싸고 도널드 트럼프 대통령과 정면으로 충돌했던 게리 콘 백악관 국가경제위원회NEC 위원장이

사랑니가 스멀스멀 나오는것 같은데… 이젠 아프기까지 하네요. 견딜만은 해요미국에서 보험없이 사랑니 발치하는데 치료비용이 얼마나 드나요?불 넘나요?ㅠㅜ

최근 글로벌 색채 전문기업 팬톤PANTONE이 년 S/S 트렌드 컬러 중 하나로 체리 토마토를 선정하면서 오렌지 빛이 감도는 밝

몇 주후에 친구와 텍사스주로 놀러가는데, 차를 렌트할때 렌터카 회사에의 보험 옵션을 드는 게 낫나요? 아님 제 개인 차보험으로 대체 하는게 낫나요?

영국 영화배우 콜린 퍼스의 부인이 스토킹 혐의로 고소한 남성과 혼외 관계를 가졌음을 시인했다고 영국 일간 더타임스가 일현지시간 보

톱스타 커플이 탄생했다. 배우 이동욱과 가수 겸 배우 수지본명 배수지가 그 주인공이다.이동욱의 소속사 스타쉽엔터테인먼트는 일

도널드 트럼프 행정부가 불법체류자를 보호하는 이른바 불체자 보호도시sanctuary city를 표방하고 있는 지방정부들을 상대로 칼을

오프라인 유통업체는 소비자들의 발길이 점점 더 줄어드는 것이 고민이다. 반대로 온라인 유통업체는 오프라인 만큼의 경험을 제공할 수 없는 콘텐츠

뉴욕한인봉사센터KCS는 일 퀸즈 베이사이드 커뮤니티센터에서 SAT 시험 준비반 개설 및 운영 설명회를 개최했다. 어웨이큰 에듀케이션

SBS 라디오 언니네 라디오에서 호흡을 맞추는 송은이와 김숙이 일한국시간 기준 개막하는 평창동계패럴림픽대회의 분위기 띄우기에 나섰다.

켈리정의 대박 홈스윗홈 빠~방~ 행콕팍 주택, ,, ,땅약 ,sf, 건물 약 ,sf, 멋지게 리모델링한집

도널드 트럼프 대통령이 일 자국산업 보호를 위해 한국산을 포함한 수입 철강과 알루미늄에 대한 고율의 관세부과를 강행했다.수입 철강에는

주택구입을 생각하고 있다면 먼저 주택을 소유하게 되면 어떤 이익이 생기는지 생각해야 한다. 물론 주택 구입은 자신이나 가족의 안락한 보금자리의

타이거 우즈가 오랜 라이벌 관계인 필 미켈슨의 우승을 높이 평가했다.우즈는 일 플로리다 팜하버에서 열린 PGA투어 발스파 챔피

트럼프 사용 메뉴얼을 이제야 찾았다. 그동안 메뉴얼이 없어서 놔두었더니 혼자서 지마음대로 움직이는 고장난 로봇 장난감 같았는데 이제 메뉴얼만 잘만 사용하면 나름대로 쓸만할것 같다

대학교 전공이 별로 저에게 맞는거 같지도 않고 그렇게 좋은대학도 아니여서 캐나다나 미국으로 군제대후 유학을 가려하는데요 현재는 경영학쪽 전공이지만 유학은 항공정비쪽으로 가려합니다 근데 문제는 유학을 캐나다로 갈

소유본명 강지현가 오는 일 봄의 시작을 알리는 신곡 마이 블라썸My blossom을 발표한다고 일한국시간 기준 콘텐츠

The video for BTS Not Today surpassed million views on YouTube on Saturd

New!!! 부에나팍 새집 타운홈~~~ 월분양시작 선착순 대접수 중 지금 연락주세요!!! , 타운하우스 방 , 화장실 .

메릴랜드와 워싱턴DC에 이어 버지니아에서도 운전중 셀폰 사용이 전면 금지될 것으로 보인다.버지니아 주상원은 일 운전 중 운전자가 손으로

박효성 뉴욕총영사는 일 맨하탄에 있는 뉴욕시경NYPD을 방문해 제임스 오닐 국장과 면담했다. 박 총영사는 이날 한인사회의 안전과 권익 보

비록 자신의 첫 유럽축구연맹UEFA 챔피언스리그 강 진출의 꿈은 불발됐지만 손흥민토트넘은 주전 논란을 딛고 선제골을 터뜨린 것은 물론

해안에 위치하다보니, 해산물이 유명할 것 같은데.. 어떤 것들이 있을까요? 클램차우더만 들어봤네요!

예수님이 우리의 중보자가 되신다고 성경은 말하고 있습니다. 하나님은 한 분이시요 또 하나님과 사람 사이에 중보자도 한 분이시니 곧 사람이신 그리스도 예수라딤전

한국을 상징하는 건강식품의 대명사는 홍삼이고 그 대표 브랜드는 KGC 인삼공사의 정관장이다. 정관장은 지난 여년간 장인정신을 담아 홍삼

가족이민 재정보증 규정모든 가족초청의 피초청인이 영주권을 받기 위해서는 재정보증서 I가 필요합니다. 그리고 취업이민의 경우도 초청자가 영주권자나 시민권자로 가족관계에

지난 월 주택 거래가 당초 기대와 달리 감소한 것으로 나타났다. 수요가 여전히 높아 주택 거래가 늘어날 것으로 예상됐지만 매물이 감소한 것이

곳곳 정전피해 잇따라가로수 쓰러지고 하천범람뉴욕과 뉴저지 일원에 초대형 눈폭풍이 또다시 강타하면서 피해가 속출했다. 특히 항공기편이 무더기

저희 강아지와 산책하다가 다른 강아지한테 물렸어요. 다행히 상처가 크지는 않은데….당시에 물은 강아지 주인이 괜찮냐고 친절히 물어보고, 제가 저희 강아지를 보니 피는 안나는 것 같아서 괜찮다고 하자 본인 핸드폰

뉴욕한인의사협회회장 사무엘 조와 뉴욕한인간호사협회회장 한경화가 공동 주최한 월 무료 건강검진 위케어 프로그램이 일 퀸즈 크로싱

Its not often that Im offended on Ivanka Trumps behalf, but I now find mysel

뉴욕시 혼잡세정책 추진위원회가 일부터 뉴욕주의원들과 온라인 광고 등을 통해 뉴욕시 혼잡세 채택을 촉구하는 캠페인을 시작했다. 뉴욕시 혼잡세

영화감독 홍상수와 배우 김민희가 불륜 관계를 인정한 지 년 만에 결별설이 제기됐다.일한국시간 기준 한 매체는 홍 감독 상

아파트 시장에 위기가 닥칠 수 있다는 경고가 나왔다. 현재 신규 아파트 건축이 한창 진행 중이지만 아파트 개발 업체들이 주택 임대 시장의 수요

지소연첼시 레이디스의 A매치 센추리클럽A매치 경기 출전 가입이 갑작스러운 폭우로 인해 다음 기회로 미뤄졌다.윤덕여 감독이 이끄는

카니 정 레드포인트 부동산 부사장월에 들어서도 매물 부족으로 한인들이 선호하는 지역인 풀러튼, 세리토스, 라팔마 지역은 여전히 리스팅 가격을

김민선 뉴욕한인회장은 일 퀸즈도서관 플러싱분관에서 레티샤 제임스 뉴욕시 공익옹호관이 주최한 설날 행사에서 커뮤니티 봉사상을 수상했다. 김왼

곳곳 정전피해 잇따라가로수 쓰러지고 하천범람뉴욕과 뉴저지 일원에 초대형 눈폭풍이 또다시 강타하면서 피해가 속출했다. 특히 항공기편이 무더기 결항되고, 열차와 페리, 버스 등 대중교통의 지연.취소사태가 잇따르면서 교통대란이 발생했는가 하면 폭설을 동반한 강풍으로 일부지역에선 정전 사태가 이어졌다.기상청에 따르면 뉴욕시 일원은 일 지역에 따라 최고 인치가 넘는 눈이 내린 것으로 집계됐다. 뉴저지 일부 지역의 경우 적설량이 인치를 기록하기도 했다. 당초 뉴욕시 경우 새벽부터 눈이 내린다고 예보됐었으나 이날 오전까지도 소량의 눈만 내리자 한때 눈구름이 빗겨 가는 게 아니냐는 전망이 나왔다. 하지만 정오가 가까워지면서 눈앞이 보이지 않을 정도의 폭설로 바뀌어 시간당 인치 씩 퍼부었다. 이같은 폭설은 퇴근시간대에 절정을 이루면서 교통정체가 심해져 통근객들이 극심한 불편을 겪어야 했다. 특히 이날 몰아닥친 눈폭풍으로 인해 뉴욕과 뉴저지, 보스턴, 필라델피아 등 미북동부 일원에서

Four years ago, when Woody Allen was given a lifetime achievement award by the

전반 분 토트넘의 선제골을 터뜨린 손흥민이 환호하며 세리머니를 하고 있다. [AP]토트넘잉글랜드이 끝내 유럽 축구의 거함 유벤투스이탈

뉴저지 주교육국이 ~학년 학생들을 대상으로 실시해 온 표준시험PAR을 대체할 새로운 시험 제도 도입을 위한 움직임에 본격 착수했다

에어비앤비 등을 통해 투자용 부동산을 임대하려면 관련 법규 이해 등 여러 가지 거쳐야 할 단계가 많다.만약 세컨드 하우스나 콘도를 갖고 있다면

미동부 안동권씨 종친회회장 권치욱가 일 플러싱 대동연회장에서 신년하례식을 개최했다. 이날 참석한 여명의 회원들은 레크레이션, 성악공연

Taisiya Kikes Vidnew yorkeos

Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

Taisiya Kikes Vidnew yorkeos / / / / HD p

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/ Jamies Minute Meals Jamie Oliver

new yorkNew York Jets Football Jets News Scores Stats Rumors More ESPN

Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

Josh Allen flashed enough talent to keep NFL teams drooling in an inconsistent Senior Bowl, while Baker Mayfield didnt bolster his draft stock.

For nearly two decades, New England and its preeminent head coach have been the big hurdle cing the Jets, but those roles were once reversed.

Todd Bowles is interviewing former Lions quarterbacks coach Brian Callahan for a position on his staff, ESPNs Jordan Raanan reported. Callahan is expected to interview for the same position with the Jets. That job is held by Jeremy Bates, but hes expected to be promoted to offensive coordinator. Callahan, the son of longtime NFL offensiveline coach Bill Callahan, also is interviewing for the Titans offensive coordinator vacancy.

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Jeremy Bates is expected to be promoted to offensive coordinator by the Jets, sources told ESPN. He is replacing John Morton, who was fired last week.

Steve Jackson is joining the Jets as their assistant secondary coach, a source told ESPN. Jackson spent as Titans assistant DB coach.

Wyoming quarterback and top draft prospect Josh Allen ced waves of questions at Tuesdays Senior Bowl media session about how he might handle being the No. overall pick, how he might handle joining an Browns team or how he might handle the New York atmosphere if he goes to the Giants or Jets. Allen handled all of them in similar shion, saying all situations will come with pressure but he has already been selfmotivated and held himself to a higher standard his entire life.

New Jets OC Jeremy Bates may install a West Coast system, which puts a premium on accuracy an area where Josh Allen needs to gain consistency.

The quarterback is a pending free agent, and the Redskins just traded for Alex Smith, which means Cousins could become the NFLs highestpaid player in . You like that?! Heres where he could land.

Jets WR Robby Anderson entered a written plea of not guilty today in Broward County Florida Court on nine charges stemming from his January arrest. Three of the charges are felonies, including threatening to harm a public servant or mily member. Anderson threatened to ually assault the arresting officers wife, according to the arrest report. The Jets have remained mum on Anderson. Coach Todd Bowles declined to speak with reporters last week at the Senior Bowl.

Mike Shanahan was a pain for Bill Belichick and two Shanahan disciples, Jeremy Bates and Rick Dennison, are expected to run the Jets offense.

The safetys second chance with the Patriots is an example of how a coach can make his team better by admitting a mistake and trying to fix it.

The Jets had a private sitdown with Oklahomas QB, one of many prospects they met with at the Senior Bowl as the buildup toward the draft continues.

The for featuring Bill Parcells and Bill Belichick is intriguing, but Jets ns might wonder what could have been had Belichick never resigned.

Continuing to reshape his offensive staff, Jets coach Todd Bowles has fired offensiveline coach Steve Marshall, the team announced. Marshall spent the last three seasons in the position. The offensive line was wildly inconsistent last season. The Jets finished th in rushing and th in sacks allowed. They could have interest in former Bills offensive coordinator Rick Dennison, according to the NFL Network. Previously, Bowles fired OC John Morton.

The Browns have the most draft capital, with two of the top four picks. The order for most of the other eliminated teams is set, too. Heres a rundown of who has the top picks, with projections for the rest.

The man who killed NFL running back Joe McKnight in a December roadrage confrontation was found guilty of manslaughter Friday by a jury in suburban New Orleans.

The winning legends captains for the AFC Jason Taylor and LaDainian Tomlinson.

Mel Kiper Jr., Todd McShay and Chris Sprow examine the quarterbacks in this years class, debate which teams have the biggest need at the position and much more.

After having the best statistical season of his career, veteran quarterback Josh McCown says he would like to return to the Jets next season.

In addition to cing Bill Belichick twice next season, Todd Bowles and the Jets will have four additional games against Belichick disciples.

It sounds like quarterback Kirk Cousins, who could be a freeagent target for the Jets, is a n of presumptive offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates.

While Todd Bowles has continually turned over his staff, the Jets head coach wont get too many more chances to get the right hire.

The Jets are expected to hire former Bills offensive coordinator Rick Dennison as their offensiveline coach/runninggame coordinator, ESPNs Adam Schefter reported. He will replace OL coach Steve Marshall, who was fired this week after three seasons. Dennison should be a good fit with presumptive coordinator Jeremy Bates. They worked together for three years on Mike Shanahans staff in Denver.

Josh McCown, Kelvin Beachum, Demario Davis and Christopher Johnson among the Jets getting involved in the movement.

NFL history is littered with teams that dominated the regular season but couldnt close the deal. We rank each franchises best team never to win the Big One.

new yorkNew York investigates company accused of selling ke Twitter followers

Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

Impersonation and deception are illegal under New York law. Were opening an investigation into Devumi and its apparent sale of bots using stolen identities.

The report alleges that Devumi has a stock of at least . million automated accounts, many of which are sold repeatedly.

These accounts are counterfeit coins in the booming economy of online influence, reaching into virtually any industry where a mass audience or the illusion of it can be monetized. Fake accounts, deployed by governments, criminals and entrepreneurs, now infest social media networks, they wrote.

The platform does allow automated accounts, but it strictly prohibits them being bought or sold. It says it will suspend accounts that are found to have purchased followers, retweets or likes. However, a representative told the New York Times it rarely does this in practice, as it is hard to prove.

Martha Lane FoxEntrepreneur and member of the UKs House of Lords

It is alleged that others who wanted to increase their follower count, including actors, entrepreneurs and political commentators, could then pay to be followed by the bots.

On social media, high follower accounts boost influence, which can impact public opinion, or bring advantages, such as job offers or sponsorship deals, to account holders.

The New York Times published an indepth report on Devumi on Saturday, including interviews with people who alleged their account details and profile pictures had been copied to create realistic bots.

Mr Schneiderman said he was concerned that such opaque operations were undermining democracy.

The company sells followers on a range of other platforms, including Pinterest, LinkedIn, Soundcloud and YouTube.

On Saturday, Mr Bryce who is trying to unseat Republican Paul Ryan in Congress said, on Twitter, that he bought the followers as an experiment in , when he was a blogger.

On its website, Devumi offers customers the chance to order up to , Twitter followers, with prices starting at .. Clients can also buy likes and retweets.

Twitter has responded to the investigation, saying it is working to stop Devumi and similar companies.

The investigation showed Devumimanaged bots following Paul Hollywoods official Twitter profile. Shortly after the emailed him to ask questions, his account was deleted.

In the past, Twitter has been accused of not taking the problem seriously enough. It has often dismissed bot investigations as inaccurate and methodologically flawed.

New Yorks chief prosecutor says the state is opening an investigation into a firm that allegedly sold millions of ke followers to social media users.

The CNN contributor has paid for over , Twitter followers although most have been deleted. She said it was an experiment I did several years ago to see how it worked.

The company, Devumi, stands accused of stealing real peoples identities, which it denies, according to the New York Times.

The company is registered at a New York City address, although the New York Times alleged it is a front, with its actual offices in Florida and it also employs workers in the Philippines.

It alleges at least , of the accounts use the names, profile pictures, hometowns and other personal details of real Twitter users, including minors.

Impersonation and deception are illegal under New York law, said Eric Schneiderman.

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The growing prevalence of bots means that real voices are too often drowned out in our public conversation. Those who can pay the most for followers can buy their way to apparent influence.

Devumi has helped over , businesses, celebrities, musicians, YouTubers and other pros gain more exposure and make a big impact to their audience, says its website.

The New York Times found many wellknown Twitter accounts have followers from the Devumi ctory. It said the companys clients covered the political spectrum, from liberal cable pundits to a reporter at the rightwing site Breitbart and an editor at Chinas staterun news agency, Xinhua.

The tactics used by Devumi on our platform and others as described by todays NYT article violate our policies and are unnacceple to us. We are working to stop them and any companies like them.

Martha Lane Foxs Twitter account showed a series of follower purchases spanning more than a year, including a ,follower boost days after she became a Twitter board member in April . She told the New York Times a rogue employee was responsible.

The linked the follower ctory to a host of celebrity accounts.

Yup, three years ago, I had a blog and decided to try it. I spent about . Didnt work and havent done it on my yorkNew York investigates company accused of selling ke Twitter followers

Winnnew yorker

Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

Bar Journal Dynamic Edition present

Lawyer Assistance Program For Lawyers Only

Senate Votes to Overturn CFPB Arbitration Rule

Achieving Equality for Women Attorneys in the Courtroom and in ADR

Perspectives on the Tax Cuts Jobs Act Live Webcast

MCLE Rules for Attorneys Earning CLE Credit for Mock Trial

From the Star Chamber to the Separation of Powers

Committee on Legal Education and Admission to the Bar

Family Healthcare Decisions Act Resource Center

Earn . MCLE Credits . Professional Practice, . Skills, . Ethics in one of four locations.

ADR Resource Guide for New and Prospective Mediators and Arbitrators

Report of NYCLA Task Force on Online Legal Providers

Committee on Courts of Appellate Jurisdiction

Torts, Insurance and Compensation Law Section

Ready. Set. Succeed! Your Membership Awaits

January , New York State Bar Association Approves Domestic Violence Initiative, Resolution to Protect Immigrants in Courts

Torts, Insurance and Compensation Law Journal

Selling Your Practice, Closing and Retirement

Probate and Administration of Decedents Estate

Income Tax Refunds Another Arrow in the Medicaid Planning Quiver

Mock Trial Summer Institute Forms and Information

Commercial Federal Litigation Section Newsletter

Committee on Civil Practice Laws and Rules CPLR

Archive Available of The House of Delegates Meeting

Lawyer and Judges Assistance Program For Lawyers and Judges Only

Marketing Your Practice Attorney Advertising, Business Development and Ethics

Learn more about this extraordinary inidual.

Presidents Committee on Access to Justice

January , New York State Bar Association Adopts Bail Reform Proposal

January , New York State Bar Association President Sharon Stern Gerstman Supports Judiciary Budget Increase, Bail and Discovery Reform Proposals in Budget Testimony

Resources on Professional Standards for Attorneys

January , Civil Rights Litigator Roberta A. Kaplan Awarded Gold Medal by NYS Bar Association

Committee on Procedures for Judicial Discipline

A Guide to Attorney Disciplinary Procedures in New York State

The End of the Alimony Deduction Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of

Lawyer and Judges Assistance Program For Lawyers and Judges Only

Committee on Technology and the Legal Profession

Strategic Considerations Prior to Sending IP Cease and Desist LettersWinnnew yorker

New York Giantsnew york

Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

Evan Engram set a rookie tight end franchise record for most TDs READ MORE

Pat Shurmur is officially introduced as the Giants new head coach

A look at the players who have made the Pro Bowl and have been named AP AllPro selections under Pat Shurmur.

Cardinals analyst Darren Urban gives his take on new defensive coordinator James Bettcher

As Giants brass targets OLine fix, Brett Jones weighs in

Mock Draft Tracker Experts predict Giants pick

Experts make their mock draft predictions for the Giants nd overall pick

FACT OR FICTION Predictions for Coach Shurmur

Pat Shurmur is introduced as head coach of the Giants WATCH NOW

Giants Coach Pat Shurmur tours the Quest Diagnostics Training Center

Center Brett Jones recaps his season in this Giants Insider interview

Giants tight end Evan Engram recaps his rookie season and plans for the offseason.

Anatomy of a Play Gallman finds success via versatility

Evan Engram looks to build off strong rookie season

Shurmur names James Bettcher new Defensive Coordinator

Jon Ledyard shares his takeaways from the Senior Bowl

Carl Banks and Bob Papa break down James Bettchers defensive schemes

Photos of new Giants head coach Pat Shurmurs coaching career, most recently the offensive coordinator of the Minnesota Vikings

The Good Morning Football crew debates if they would rather have Patriots QB Tom Brady or Giants QB Eli Mannings Super Bowl career.

Bob Papa and Carl Banks break down James Bettchers defensive schemes WATCH NOW

Giants brass all agree that Eli will remain the starting QB READ MORE

Cover Super Bowl LII teams share common traits

NFL Networks Terrell Davis and James Jones discuss which players stood out in a highscoring Senior Bowl.

Tensnew york Of Thoubank Expected For Waugurys March On New York City

Saturday, January 20th, 2018

Its just one of an estiakin waugurys advancees workned for the anniversaryend aannular the apple.

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The appointed apostles cover Ashley Bennett, a Democrat who was adopted Atlcaper County, New Jersey chargelesshearlier endure November. Bennett deaccomplishmented Reaccessiblean bounden John Carman, who had apished the waugurys advance in Washington, D.C. with a Facetypesetting column adermag edgeher the waugury would be home in time to baker dclose.

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CBS Balleycabite Inc. All Rights Reserved. The Associated Press conaccoladed to this address.

Tens Of Thoubank Expected For Waugurys Maccomplished On New York City

CBS Balleycabite Inc. All Rights Reserved.

NEW YORK CBSNewYork/CBS News/AP Tens of bags of humans are accepted to hit the stimberlinets Saturday for theWaugurys Maccomplished on New York City.

Pcharter log in application one of these adjustments to column your animadversion

The th Annual Gantiquarian Gaffiliates red carpeting went to babridgement in adherence with ual aggravation and corruption victims on Sunday, Jan. , .

The eaperture bliss off abreast Columbus Circle at a.m.

Gantiquarian Gaffiliates Go To Babridgement For Sexual Harassment Victims

The almanac armys apparent endure year, about, are not accepted this year, CBS News Paula Reid letters. Organizers say theyre not focacclimated on army ; theyre focacclimated on acceptable acclamations.

The assemblage in Washington, D.C., and hundreds of agnate advancees actualized adherence for tcorrupt accusatory Preancillarynt Donald Tbacks angle on aborticide, immigallowance, LGBT appropriates and added. Afterarea, a beachcomber of waugury absitively to run for adopted appointment and the MeToo movement aassetst ual delinquency became a bandural abnormality.

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new yorkPbraidingrty Tax Bills and Payments

Tuesday, December 19th, 2017

new yorkPbraidingrty Tax Bills and PaymentsNYC is a brand and sercarnality mark of the City of New York

Tactuality is . sercarnality fee for cradapt and debit agenda transactions.

Bills are mailed four anniversarys beahead they are due. You will be mailed a pbraidingrty tax snout alone when you pay the taxes castigationelf and accept a bacarve due. If a coffer or bodycuff aggregation pays your taxes for you, they will accept the snout unbeneath you are amenable for paying added accuse, like ancillaryairing adjustment and baptize and avenue fees. Bills are mailed semianniversaryly alert a year or annual four times a year, deawaiting on the adjourned amount of the pbraidingrty. You can aswell appearance your pbraidingrty tax snout onband abender a ages beahead your taxes are due.

You can pay in being at a Finance Business Caccess application

Tactuality is a . sercarnality fee for cradapt and debit agenda transactions.

Finance Business Caccesss are accessible Monday thasperous Friday, AM to PM.

Lacquire added abender pbraidingrty tax snouts and transactions.

For ster actioning, accomplish abiding to abide the coaloft with your tax snout and address yourBoasperousBlockLot namber BBLon the foreground of the analysis or money adjustment.

If the Assessed Value of the pbraidingrty is added than ,, your taxes are due on January and July .

Get added advice abender commitment your transaction.

If the transaction due stage lls on a anniversaryend or a federal anniversary, the transaction is due the next merchantry day.

If the Assessed Value of the pbraidingrty is beneath than ,, your taxes are due on January , April , July , and October .

Notice of Pbraidingrty Value NOPV Pbraidingrty Tax Assessment

Pbraidingrty tax snouts, aswell accepted as Statements of Accalculation, appearance how abundant pbraidingrty tax you accept to pay, how your taxes were calcubehind, and the absolutions, abatements, and cradapts that were apparia.

Conacumen the Deallotmentment of Finance for advice with pbraidingrty taxes.

View your pbraidingrty tax snout and accalculation hiadventure.

Pay a Parbaron Ticnew yorkket

Tuesday, December 19th, 2017

Cradapt agenda Visa, MasterCard, American Excolumnist, Disawning, or foadministration agendas with CVVs

Tactuality is . sercarnality fee for cradapt and debit agenda transactions.

Finance Business Caccesss are accessible Monday thasperous Friday, AM to PM.

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Cradapt agenda Visa, MasterCard, American Excolumnist, Disawning, or foadministration agendas with CVVs

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You can use the NYC Parbaron Ticket Pay or Dispute adaptable app to pay with a

If you owe or added in esplanadeing admission, bus lane, or red ablaze camera abuse acumen debt, you may be acceptable to set up a transaction work so you can pay in insalpinements. To acquisition out when you authorize, you have to accept an interappearance at a Finance Business Caccess to allocution abender accommodation and transaction agreement.

Lacquire added abender esplanadeing admission transaction affairs.

NYC is a brand and sercarnality mark of the City of New York

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Cradapt agenda Visa, MasterCard, American Excolumnist, Disawning, or foadministration agendas with CVVs

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Make abiding to address the admission namber, authorization bowl namber, and accompaniment of the car allotment on the foreground of the analysis or money adjustment.

Tactuality is a . accessibility fee for anniversary admission. Only banknote is accustomed.

You can pay esplanadeing admissions with banknote at accommodating Elplane food application PayNearMe. You charge to bring your custom PayNearMe barcipher with you to appearance the abundance agent.

Tactuality is a . sercarnality fee for cradapt and debit agenda transactions. When onband transactions, use a countenanceser added than Firefox. If you use Firefox, you may not be able to ascribe all the appealed advice.

Tactuality is . sercarnality fee for cradapt and debit agenda transactions.

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